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Transforming Claimant Engagement

with Ushur Conversational Apps
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A leading global insurance carrier was experiencing considerable delays in collecting key dates from claimants, relying on their call center and, in some cases, paper-based forms to close the gaps. It took an average of 6 outbound calls per claim and 3 weeks to get the information they needed.

In an effort to decrease the volume of manual outbound engagements, the carrier proactively and intelligently augmented the claimant journey, replacing outbound calls with a text message inviting the claimant to opt-in for a secure and quick engagement. The carrier utilized Ushur’s no-code, drag-and-drop builder to design the conversation flow they needed to gather information and update the claim.

The results:

  • check mark42% of the carrier’s outbound calls have been eliminated
  • check mark85% of claimants opt-in to the digital conversation
  • check mark50% of claimants complete the campaigns within 5 minutes of receiving a text message
  • check mark90% of claimants complete the campaigns within 1 hour of receiving the text message