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Learn how companies are using Ushur to accelerate service workflows in Customer Support, Claims Processing, Sales, and more.

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customer service
Will AI Fix our Frustration with Customer Service?
I started dictating this article to Siri, but I gave up within a few minutes after I had to repeat...
retail apps
Why Retail Apps are a Waste of Money
Mobile devices are the preferred way to access the internet for the majority of the population, and while mobile apps...
phone-based customer interaction
Is Phone-Based Customer Interaction Costing US Companies $61B per Year?
It would come as a surprise to few these days – no one enjoys calling customer service. Millennials, a demographic...
servicebots for better retail
Servicebots for better retail?
ServiceBots could be a solution to some of the current woes of the retail industry. Using instant-message-based systems, these bots can...