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hr department needs chatbot automation
3 Reasons Your HR Department Needs Chatbot Automation
HR departments are in desperate need of automation. The number one complaint of HR professionals has consistently been of lost...
ai change banking
Will AI Change Banking?
According to a report released by Gartner, consumers want to manage 85% of the total business interactions with banks through Fintech...
embraced chatbots
Has the Insurance Industry Fully Embraced Chatbots?
Gartner estimates that in 3 years 85% of companies will be using automation and AI as a part of their business strategy, meaning that...
millennial mobile consumer report
2017 Millennial Mobile Consumer Report
Millennials are expected to occupy 50% of the US workforce by the year 2020, just three years from now. Their...
promotional marketing
Is Promotional Marketing Dead?
Messaging has become the most dominant and ubiquitous channel of engagement. That is probably why 4 in 5 companies want...
powered by service
Powered by Service (Bots)
Companies with the best NPS scores power their business from making their service delivery front and center. Everything they do...