customer contact week 2020

Should you meet with Ushur at CCW? (Hint: Yes)

Let’s just get it out there: Customer Contact Week in Nashville is...a lot. A lot to see. A lot of people to talk to.

You can’t meet with everyone. You have to prioritize.

That’s why we’ve created this quick quiz to help you decide whether Ushur belongs on your shortlist of must-see vendors.

1) Are you a Customer Contact professional?
Of course you are. You’re going to CCW.


2) Do you want to cut wait times, reduce call volume and make your customers happier?
Thought so.


3) Are you interested in automation but wish it was a lot smarter?
You’re speaking our language! Ushur is a complete solution for intelligent automation. It contacts customers proactively over email, apps, SMS and more, so they can self-serve just about any transaction you want. Onboarding customers, updating account information, scheduling appointments, delivering customer surveys--Ushur can do it all. You design the workflows with our intuitive visual builder. Ushur handles the conversation start to finish and integrates with popular backend systems like Salesforce and ServiceNow so you never lose track of anything your customers tell you.


4) Did we say ‘conversation’?
We did indeed. Ushur isn’t just smart. It’s positively talkative. Ushur uses conversational AI to understand what your customers are saying and what needs to happen next. Customers interact with Ushur over the channels they prefer, using the words that come naturally.


5) Did you answer ‘yes’ to all questions above?
We should meet up! Drop by our CCW page here to schedule a meeting with a member of our very human, very helpful and all-around wonderful team.


Too busy at CCW but still want to hear more? We’ve got you covered. Drop us a note, and we’ll find a time that’s not so hectic. Whether you’re Nashville-bound or sitting this one out, we’ll hope to talk to you soon.

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