Meredith Barnes-Cook

Automation to build trust and improve WC claim outcomes

Automation to build trust and improve WC claim outcomes Insurance is a service industry, and the customer’s claim experience can drive their decision to renew or change carriers, including for workers’ compensation. The customer is entrusting their insurance carrier to both take care of their injured employee and protect their company from financial harm. The…

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Increasing Operational Effectiveness

Digital Transformation Journey – Part 2 Increasing Operational Effectiveness When embarking on a digital transformation journey, insurance companies need to think, act, and expect differently than they have in the past.  In this second edition of our three-part digital transformation blog series, we focus on how operational effectiveness gains are possible, while also improving customer…

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Insurance has always been transforming – just ask Ben Franklin

Insurance has always been transforming – just ask Ben Franklin Truth be told, the insurance customer experience has probably been in a state of transformation for as long as the insurance industry has existed. Transformation by definition is “a thorough or dramatic change”. And change is driven by – one, some or all – shifts…

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From POC to MVP—What’s Old is New Again

From POC to MVP – What’s Old is New Again Sometimes what was thought to be old can be new again-or at least extendable and reusable. MVP can be realized by resurfacing your “legacy” POC experience. An insurance professional probably does not go through a day without digital transformation being part of a conversation, or…

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insurance digital transformation

Insurance Digital Transformation – From Incumbent to Digital-First

Carrier transformation from incumbent to digital-first Today when we speak about digital transformation within insurance, it can sound like it is something relatively new.  In actuality, technology has been playing a pivotal role in the insurance industry for decades. I can still remember the shift from processing claims entirely on paper to using mainframe applications. …

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insurance automation

Insurance Automation Proof of Concept

Insurance Automation Proof of Concept Insurance companies are focused more than ever on optimizing the experience they provide to customers. And if digital interactions were not at the top of the list of capabilities needed at the beginning of 2020, it became everyone’s #1 priority when the worldwide pandemic shutdown began. As this year draws…

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