At Ushur, we create cloud-based software solutions that automate the customer engagements of large enterprises for more effective and efficient customer service, support and marketing operations, using software innovation to engage with customers on their terms.

We enable organizations to engage with their customers the way they interact with friends and family.

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simha | co-founder & CEO

simha-ushur-ceoSimha Sadasiva’s passion centers on creating elegant products that support completely frictionless communication and high-value relationships. Previously, Simha was the head of the Session Delivery Network Solutions Business Unit at Dialogic (formerly Veraz), and was part of the team that led the company through a successful IPO in 2007. Simha has held leadership roles at a number of technology companies including 3COM and Lucent Technologies.

henry | co-founder & CTO

henry-peter-ushurHenry Peter brings his expertise in cloud-based communications technology to create beautiful and frictionless interactions. His detailed analysis of complex problems ensures his team builds intuitive and scalable software. Henry was previously the software architect for VoIP at Dialogic, and prior to that Systems Architect at Veraz, which followed on from six years at Lucent as part of a team of pioneers in software call routing and processing.

anna | marketing

anna-ushur-marketingAnna Clausen is an experienced Marketer and Storyteller.  In addition to Ushur, she works with LJ Salazar Consulting, Optio3, Inc and giving.TECH. Previously, she worked at SolTerra, where she executed on social media, lead generation and thought leadership strategy and execution. Before SolTerra, she wrote for Inlander, the Inland Northwest’s alt-weekly magazine. She holds a B.A. from Gonzaga University in English Writing, with minors in Journalism and Psychology.

sri | cloud tech advisor

sri-ushur-executive-advisorSridhar Chandrashekar is founder and CEO of Optio3, Inc. He was founder and VP for the IT Ops Management Business at ServiceNow and VP of Engineering driving Zero Touch Automation across their worldwide Cloud Infrastructure. Before ServiceNow, Sri was at Microsoft for 18 years, most recently as Sr. Director of Engineering, focused on Cloud Infrastructure for Office 365 among others.

murli | strategy advisor

murli-ushur-executive-advisorMurli Thirumale is co-founder and CEO of Portworx, with a string of successful startups under his belt. In 2007 he became co-founder and CEO of Ocarina Networks, acquired by Dell in 2010. Previously, he became a co-founder and CEO of Net6, which was acquired by Citrix in 2004. Murli also held a senior management position in charge of Timing Solutions for Communications at Hewlett-Packard for 15 years.

don | ux advisor

don-ushur-executive-advisorDon Fotsch is an expert in user experience, usability, and product positioning. Among his list of executive leadership positions are VP of Customer Experience at Sears Online, VP of UE Design and Product Planning as well as VP of Product Management and Design at Paypal, and VP/GM of AOL for Broadband. He also served as a Director of Software for Apple for 9 years.

doug | business advisor

doug-ushur-executive-advisorDoug Sabella is President and CEO of Nlyte software with vast experience in growing software companies. Doug served as President and COO at Dialogic Corporation. He became President and CEO of Veraz Networks in 2004, leading them to a successful IPO in 2007. Doug also served as COO of Terayon and Tumbleweed Communications Corp., as president and CEO of Bidcom, and held senior management positions at Lucent Technologies.