Intelligent Automation Platform for Personalized Customer Engagement

The technology that makes up Ushur’s automated customer engagement platform is designed with the enterprise in mind.

Customer Engagement Software that Actually Engages

Ushur’s intelligent automation platform provides customer engagement at any time, over virtually any channel and provides everything you need to automate communications with customers and employees, combining advanced natural language technology, sophisticated process automation and a UX designed for the enterprise.

language intelligence

Language Intelligence

Ushur’s Language Intelligence Services Architecture (LISA) is a broad set of capabilities that enables Ushur to understand and respond intelligently to customer conversations. It consists of various technology innovations that foster Ushur’s Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Sentiment Analysis, Deep Learning, Topic Detection, and, Meta-Data mapping, all of which combine to form the first of its kind language processing framework.

ML & AI for Customer Engagement

Ushur uses industry specific data, historical interactions with customers, and other knowledge artifacts to create mathematical models for language understanding. Ushur’s AI powered customer engagement engine is omni-channel, operating on emails, text messages, knowledge bases and more to converse with customers, understand intent, and extract data from unstructured text to offer the most sophisticated continuous learning system.

drag and drop ui

Drag and Drop UI

The Ushur Builder makes it easy to build your automated workflows. You can completely customize conversational customer engagement activities to your needs, without requiring any coding skills. Simply map the conversations you’d like to have in your customer engagement lifecycle, or use Ushur’s pre-built templates specially designed for your customer interactions.

APIs and Integrations

Ushur has both standard integrations with established systems of record like ServiceNow, Atlassian and APIs that allow you to integrate Ushur with your own customer engagement tools. Ushur offers APIs and jumpstart kits for you to deploy Ushur’s workflow automation platform alongside your enterprise platforms. Make Ushur work for your existing workflows, not the other way around.

API integration
invisible apps

Digital Customer Engagement with Invisible Apps

Ushur’s invisible app functions like a mobile app, without the need to download anything. Companies use this secure channel for completing workflows like credit card updates, social security numbers and dealing with personally identifiable information. The invisible app runs on all mobile devices that support an HTML5 browser and can be used to interact with customers using text, voice, video and image based content. Secure, customizable, and mobile customer engagement is an important feature of a complete service automation platform.


Ushur provides real-time, easy to understand analytics of your customer engagement data, with both a high level overview of your customer engagement plan, conversion rates, and a detailed overview of your individual conversations. Reports are available in realtime in a variety of formats including pdf, excel, and csv and provide superlative business intelligence.


Accelerate Customer Engagement Solutions

Ushur is an intelligent automation platform harnessing the power of AI and ML technology to accelerate customer engagement. With Ushur, enterprises are turning data into actionable customer engagements to improve customer relationships and digitally transform their customer engagement solutions.