Ushur for Salesforce

Ushur for Salesforce enables easy integrations between your customer communications and your Salesforce business logic. The integration leverages Ushur’s AI, ML and NLP capabilities in order to simplify customer engagement via email and two-way conversations. Customers typically use this package to enable SmartMail use cases wherein Ushur extracts data from the email body and attachments, and supports integration of that data to Salesforce.

How it works

The​ ​framework​ is developed for​ building ​rapid​ ​applications​ ​on​ ​salesforce service​ ​cloud that can leverage Ushur’s Conversational and Process Automation driven AI-ML capabilities, applying them over existing Salesforce workflows using standard triggers. The framework works on systems of records that are of interest to the customers and leverage the Ushur’s IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) Capabilities via APIs.


Accelerate service record handling
Allow for seamless customer conversation and backend integration
Bring Intelligent Process Automation into the Salesforce Ecosystem