Intelligent Automation Process in Salesforce for Customer Interactions
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By combining Ushur’s AI-powered platform and your Salesforce instance, you can automate customer interactions and magically integrate them directly creating Salesforce workflow automation. Now you can dramatically improve your customer experience with Salesforce email automation, along with other high volume interactions, while reducing operational expenses. 


Through our Salesforce automation, enterprises can automate two-way communications across email, web, mobile and even documents to enable straight-through processing of case or account updates, support resolutions and sales enablement. Executing intelligent process automation in Salesforce, you can streamline a number of use cases including: account updates, support resolutions, document upload, and email routing.

Experience a Better
Automation Process in Salesforce:

With Salesforce and Ushur’s AI and NLP capabilities, you can simplify customer engagement across virtually any channel and intelligently automate manual, high-friction tasks like…

Triage Bulk Customer Email

Salesforce automated email response and routing enables bulk inbound email processing. Classify the intent and automatically route to the appropriate teams, cutting queue times and freeing up resources.

Request Missing Info

When information is missing from an account, a case or record, use the Ushur SFDC integration to automatically engage with, and ask a customer for missing account information via digital channels.

Extract Data

Automate extraction of critical information like account number, date or birth, level of service details from emails and then populate directly into the appropriate Salesforce case or record. Saving valuable clerical time, reducing errors and improving response time.

Document Upload

Salesforce document automation allows customers to upload documents from anywhere, and securely stores all data for agents to easily retrieve at any time.

Benefits of Automation Process
in Salesforce for Customer Interactions

By automating Salesforce application processes, enterprises achieve faster customer response times and increased customer satisfaction. Salesforce automated process intelligently triggers communication-based actions within the Ushur platform, even for custom-objects, so high-volume customer emails, documents and texts can be classified for routing to internal teams within Salesforce.

Fast, Efficient
Incident Workflows

Accelerate service record handling

Off the shelf or customizable

Allow for seamless customer conversation and backend integration

Dashboards and Analytics

Bring Intelligent Process Automation into the Salesforce Ecosystem

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