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Ushur partners with leading technology companies to optimize your customer service, support, and marketing operations.

Through our partnership and technology alliance programs, we can enrich data from CRM and ERP systems to create custom workflows for a simple, intuitive and complete instant-message-based interaction with customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates, as well as a dramatic reduction in operational costs.


our strategic alliances

ushur-servicenow-integrationUshur for ServiceNow is an add-on service, enabling real-time, two-way text messaging capability for both internal and customer-facing interactions.

Ushur enhances the ServiceNow value by improving SLAs, accelerating sales orders, and enabling companies to better connect with customers over their mobile devices. It works in 192 countries enabling enterprises to have instant, real-time dialog with customers, vendors and team members, no matter where they are located.

Ushur enterprise grade software service is trusted and certified by ServiceNow Inc.

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