Finance Automation for Streamlined Customer Experiences


Create engaging customer journeys for banking with conversational AI

Automation in financial services drives customer service, freeing teams to rapidly address high-touch needs

With financial process automation powered by conversational AI, banks and financial institutions can provide instant service over email, chat, and SMS that not only delights customers, but gets them what they need fast. From automating applications to account management, enterprises see significant returns on investment in operational efficiency, engagement rates, and call deflection with Ushur’s user-friendly solution for creating intelligently automated financial systems.

Why you need conversational AI for your customer engagements


Instant customer service
With around the clock convenience


Scalable service interactions
That can be solved by financially savvy AI


CSAT score improvement

Indicating sustained customer happiness and strong retention

Finance Automation Use Cases

Launch new or enhance current channels in a flash:

Automate conversations across your digital channels fast using Ushur’s effortless dynamic, drag & drop workflow builder. Use Ushur’s conversational AI to revitalize underperforming channels, increase engagement, and respond to your customers faster than ever.

Streamline work with automation in financial services:

Ushur’s extensive integrations allow you to seamlessly pull data from conversations and bring it into your backend systems, like Salesforce or ServiceNow. Application filing, loan review, and other time-consuming processes are optimized by eliminating data entry and administrative work.

Eliminate wait times for inbound and outbound requests:

Whether you need to gather missing information from customers or your customers have urgent inquiries, Ushur can create next-generation automation in finance to vastly increase speed and improve both inbound and outbound customer interactions.

Create personalized and engaging banking experiences for your customers across multiple functions

E-sign &
Document Upload



Email Triage
& Routing



Foster meaningful customer relationships with AI-powered finance process automation

With AI-powered finance process automation, make customer interactions convenient, fast, and mobile - all at a lower cost to the enterprise.



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