Intelligent Customer Service Automation for Seamless Interactions


Deflect calls and create excellent customer experiences across channels with an end-to-end automated customer service solution

Create frictionless experiences using AI in customer service applications that lower your operational costs while improving customer satisfaction

Ushur streamlines your existing workflows with AI customer service to provide mobile customer experiences 24/7, reaching customers on their preferred digital channels, like email, chat, and SMS. Our low-code customer service automation software handles your highest volume customer service and support interactions so your agents can prioritize more complex customer requests.

The benefits of customer service automation powered by conversational AI across digital channels


Reduced wait times
Giving customers back their time



Service interactions solved with conversational AI
Allowing agents to prioritize high-touch engagements

Launch digital self service channels in a flash

Automate customer conversations on all of your digital channels quickly and with minimal effort using Ushur’s dynamic drag-and-drop customer service workflow builder. Say goodbye to underperforming channels. Use conversational AI to increase engagement and solve your customers’ problems in real-time.

Streamline processes with advanced customer service automation

Ushur's extensive integrations allow you to seamlessly pull data from conversations and bring it into your backend systems. Account changes, order tracking, status updates, and other time-consuming processes are optimized by providing AI-driven and rapid answers to customers while eliminating manual data entry and other administrative tasks.

Eliminate wait times for inbound and outbound requests

Whether you need to gather missing information from customers or your customers have urgent inquiries, with Ushur, automation of customer service for both inbound and outbound customer interactions increases responsiveness and speed.

A new era of automated customer service with countless use cases

Account Lookup and Servicing

Status Updates


Inbound Email Processing

Scheduling Appointments



E-sign & Doc upload

Why our customers love our AI customer service solutions


“Ushur is a true partner in our digital transformation. Their ability to rapidly prototype and automate customer journeys has provided Unum with a competitive edge, delighting our customers while allowing our employees to focus on higher-value work. As impressive as their technology is, the quality of the Ushur team may be what sets them apart. They truly care about our success.”

Mike Simonds

COO at Unum

"We looked at several vendors to help us transform our customer experience and ultimately chose Ushur because of their Invisible App. To be able to serve our customers (especially seniors) on a seamless channel, without any need for downloads or having to deal with an app, is a game changer."

Ashley Restad

Program Director, Healthspire

Foster meaningful customer relationships with AI-powered conversations

Ushur makes customer service interactions convenient, fast, and mobile - all at a reduced cost to the enterprise. Eliminate wait-times and backlogs to boost customer satisfaction and engagement with our savvy AI-powered customer service chatbots.



Step up your customer support game with Conversational AI

Learn how you can use conversational AI to automate your high-volume customer service interactions with our guide to conversational AI.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is conversational AI, and why businesses are adopting it now
  • How to implement a platform that prioritizes customer experiences
  • Why conversational AI complements (not threatens) service agents
  • The difference between chatbots vs. conversational AI vs. virtual agents

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