View, analyze, and download insights to understand and grow your Brand Proximity Scoreā„¢.
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Measure and monitor your digital engagement to drive targeted results

Understand how your customers want to interact through data-driven insights, visual trend analyses and actionable feedback.
  • Troubleshoot and optimize your campaigns with A/B testing across every channel
  • Analyze user behavior by observing trends over days, weeks, months and years
  • View micro and macro-level analytics for comprehensive insights into inbound and outbound interactions
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Test, reflect and course correct

Now that your campaigns are running, optimize their performance with Ushur Insights.

  • Track the delivery rate, response rate, completion rate and more to assess the efficacy of your engagements.
  • View drop off points along the customer journey to diagnose areas for improvement.
  • Download any reports for business reviews, internal tracking and analysis.

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