The ROI of the Ushur CXA Platform

The benefits of Customer Experience Automation can be measured and realized against the standard, manual, delayed customer experience that is fragmented across channels.

Financial ROI in switching to Customer Experience Automation

0 500,000
$15 $100
0 80

The ROI landscape of Customer Experience Automation

Ushur’s no-code builder is a web-based tool that anyone in your organization can use to build, deploy and track automated experiences with visual, drag-and-drop tools. Extensive APIs enable you to easily integrate Invisible App with your CRM system and bring in all the data exchanged within your secure channels.

Improved Net Promoter Score

NPS is directly related to customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. And whether it’s measured within your company or outside of it, NPS reflects customer experience which “correlates with increased revenue growth, retention growth, and referral rates.”


reduction in customer response time, enabling rapid processing

Ushur's Customer Experience Automation™: Where Automation Works for Everyone

Ushur’s Customer Experience Automation™ is a robust platform that focuses on the automation of one high-value customer interaction (what we call a Microengagement™) at a time. Ushur increases a carrier’s agility to realize their digital transformation vision, enabling business employees to create new automated 2-way conversations in hours, or less, without adding to the demands on their IT partners.


of scalable service interactions that can be solved by healthcare-savvy AI