COVID-19 Rapid-Response:
quick process automation with conversational AI


Respond to increased inbound call volumes with intelligent automation that scales fast

The Problem

COVID-19 is pushing contact centers to their limits, overwhelming them with a wave of inbound calls, emails, and chat. Companies need a way to provide timely, accurate customer service triage at unprecedented scale, 24/7.

The Solution

Conversational AI that engages customers automatically, over almost any digital channel including, chat, SMS, email, and voice. With Ushur’s intelligent automation platform, your high volume call center can be up and running in weeks.

Here are some of the ways our customers handle customer inquiries using Ushur during this time


Answer high-volume customer inquiries instantly

Build conversation workflows for all of your customers’ frequently asked questions, including the company Coronavirus response, cancellations, rescheduling, claims and more. Design these conversations on SMS, webchat, voice, and more.

Triage incoming customer emails for faster response times

Ushur reads incoming emails, classifies their intent and routes them automatically, so you can respond to customers' most pressing emails faster than ever before.

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Fast-track claims with automated workflows

Whether you have an influx of short-term disability or worker’s-comp claims, Ushur automates customer interactions such as filing claims, providing status updates, and confirming resolutions across a wide range of digital channels

workflow automation

How you can get Conversational AI up and running quickly with Ushur

  • Quick Process Automation Deployment: Unlike most RPA and AI platforms, Ushur can spin up a pilot in weeks rather than months
  • No-Code Workflow Builder: With Ushur’s drag and drop, no-code workflow builder, you can design automated conversations for your customers with little to no IT resources
  • Pre-Built Integrations: Ushur integrates with standard and legacy platforms through deep integrations and REST APIs. No need to rip and replace your current systems

Trusted by leading enterprises

Companies turn to Ushur for help in improving customer engagements

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"Ushur is a true partner in our digital transformation. Their ability to rapidly prototype and automate customer journeys has provided Unum with a competitive edge, delighting our customers while allowing our employees to focus on higher-value work."

Mike Simonds

COO at Unum