conversational ai

How can we use Conversational AI for Service Desk?

Many IT workflows that were previously done primarily through email, would be much better suited for automated text-message conversations using conversational AI, saving time and frustration and optimizing productivity. Let’s look at a few scenarios how this can alter the digital experience for your company: Approvals Employees often need answers quickly for important requests that…

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stuck in email

It’s 2018: Why are your I.T. service desk requests still stuck in email?

How to optimize I.T. service desk with automated two-way text messaging I was at the Atlassian Team Tour event recently when a panelist commented how email has become a digital space where information goes to die. It is hard to imagine how much has changed since Blackberry made email accessible just 15 years to-date. Email…

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hr department needs chatbot automation

3 Reasons Your HR Department Needs Chatbot Automation

HR departments are in desperate need of automation. The number one complaint of HR professionals has consistently been of lost productivity due to answering repetitive employee questions, lengthy forms, and onboarding new employees. Departments across all industries would rather put the human back in human resources by connecting with employees to strategically move the company forward rather…

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powered by service

Powered by Service (Bots)

Companies with the best NPS scores power their business from making their service delivery front and center. Everything they do as a business focuses and delivers on the service experience for customers. Think of companies like Apple, Amazon, Costco which consistently rank in the top 10 for brands with the best NPS scores. These brands…

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