compliant with claims processing

How to Stay Compliant with Claims Processing

When it comes to processing claims, there are a number of potential security and compliance traps that could mean serious problems for insurance companies. Whether it’s HIPAA or TCPA, companies need to stay vigilant when it comes to insurance communications with their customers. Filing paper based claims is not only inefficient and time consuming, it…

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chatbots as insurance agents

Chatbots as Insurance Agents

Insurance claim processes are notoriously lengthy and cumbersome, for both insurance companies and their customers. From long and arduous back and forth to messy, complicated paperwork, claim cycles can be a real pain for all sides involved. For insurance companies, long claim cycle times increase administrative costs, reduce claims department employee productivity, and negatively impacts…

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embraced chatbots

Has the Insurance Industry Fully Embraced Chatbots?

Gartner estimates that in 3 years 85% of companies will be using automation and AI as a part of their business strategy, meaning that those who don’t have a plan in place now, will assuredly be left behind in the wake of our fast-paced technological landscape. So how does the Insurance industry shape up in light of this statistic?…

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