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Does your company need chatbots?

AI and Chatbots are all over the news lately, with companies moving to automate their low-level, repetitive tasks in droves. With the sector relatively new however, some might remain confused as to how exactly chatbots work and whether the return on investment actually lives up to the hype. Does your company need to consider chatbots?…

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embraced chatbots

Has the Insurance Industry Fully Embraced Chatbots?

Gartner estimates that in 3 years 85% of companies will be using automation and AI as a part of their business strategy, meaning that those who don’t have a plan in place now, will assuredly be left behind in the wake of our fast-paced technological landscape. So how does the Insurance industry shape up in light of this statistic?…

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promotional marketing

Is Promotional Marketing Dead?

Messaging has become the most dominant and ubiquitous channel of engagement. That is probably why 4 in 5 companies want to text their customers. However, only 1 in 4 marketers use this medium to reach their customer base. Many companies are just not keeping up with changing consumer behavior, and in turn creating a digital…

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retail apps

Why Retail Apps are a Waste of Money

Mobile devices are the preferred way to access the internet for the majority of the population, and while mobile apps continue to thrive, companies are struggling with creating engaging experiences with their customers as their apps get lost in a sea of social networks, games, entertainment, and news. Even when users give it a try,…

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phone-based customer interaction

Is Phone-Based Customer Interaction Costing US Companies $61B per Year?

It would come as a surprise to few these days – no one enjoys calling customer service. Millennials, a demographic that will reach 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, would rather “get their teeth cleaned” than call into a customer service line and two of every three consumers prefer to communicate via some form of…

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