Intelligent Automation Questions

Top 5 Intelligent Automation Questions Answered

Intelligent automation is a comprehensive solution for digital transformation which combines AI, ML, and RPA technologies. The financial and strategic benefits of this technology are widely known and acclaimed, yet many companies have intelligent automation questions regarding its implementation and deployment. Keep reading to learn more about the Top 5 FAQ’s potential customers have about…

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The Ultimate Guide to Automated Enterprise Email Processing

About 124.5 billion business emails are sent and received each day, and this number is only growing (DMR). Manual email triaging, the primary mode of email intake up until recently, is not scalable for such growth. Employees, on average, receive 121 emails per day (DMR). Spending approximately 3 minutes per email would result in 6…

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Introduction to Workflow Automation + Conversational AI

What is it and how do you deploy it successfully? What is it? Business processes involve routine tasks that are getting increasingly complex with rapid technological advances. Workflow Automation can provide the relief to both the employee and the employer—to the employee opening them up for more creative and value-added work; the employer in cost…

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conversational ai

How can we use Conversational AI for Service Desk?

Many IT workflows that were previously done primarily through email, would be much better suited for automated text-message conversations using conversational AI, saving time and frustration and optimizing productivity. Let’s look at a few scenarios how this can alter the digital experience for your company: Approvals Employees often need answers quickly for important requests that…

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chatbots as insurance agents

Chatbots as Insurance Agents

Insurance claim processes are notoriously lengthy and cumbersome, for both insurance companies and their customers. From long and arduous back and forth to messy, complicated paperwork, claim cycles can be a real pain for all sides involved. For insurance companies, long claim cycle times increase administrative costs, reduce claims department employee productivity, and negatively impacts…

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Does your company need chatbots?

AI and Chatbots are all over the news lately, with companies moving to automate their low-level, repetitive tasks in droves. With the sector relatively new however, some might remain confused as to how exactly chatbots work and whether the return on investment actually lives up to the hype. Does your company need to consider chatbots?…

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ai change banking

Will AI Change Banking?

According to a report released by Gartner, consumers want to manage 85% of the total business interactions with banks through Fintech chatbots by 2020. These numbers show the future of banking depends on automated customer engagement, but are banks ready for their digital transformation? It seems the banking industry is in a very early stage of…

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customer service

Will AI Fix our Frustration with Customer Service?

I started dictating this article to Siri, but I gave up within a few minutes after I had to repeat my words again and again. Emerging Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Assistants, and Machine Learning technology has become a reality everywhere. We use them to check the status of our orders, reorder a prescription…

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servicebots for better retail

Servicebots for better retail?

ServiceBots could be a solution to some of the current woes of the retail industry. Using instant-message-based systems, these bots can automate many of the functions of a retail operations service desk, bringing a conversational machine interface to what is a costly human-to-human interaction today, thereby reducing the need for scaling human resources, while bringing faster and…

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