agent assistance

Agent Assistance

Augmenting Insurance agents to accelerate productivity Insurance companies face significant back and forth between customers and agents to complete workflows. Not only is this extremely expensive for companies, but this also becomes extremely frustrating for the agents and customers alike. Challenges Insurance specialists were making voice calls to customers to procure certain key dates from…

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cognitive FAQ

Cognitive FAQ

FAQs on Steroids This company suffered from thousands of frequently asked questions a month coming into their teams inbox. Instead of answering repetitive questions and wasting time on low level tasks, they were looking to automate much of that workload so their HR personnel could focus on more strategic initiatives. Challenges This company’s FAQ portal…

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Streamlining payments for effective billing This company was facing risky and ineffective bill processing with outdated systems. With Ushur, they were able to transform their billing into automated and proactive processes. Challenges For this company, when payment didn’t come in, they’d mail a letter, snail mail, and that process could take weeks. During that time…

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sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Sales with a Wow Factor The sales department in this Insurance company was lacking a competitive advantage when it came to sales presentations, needing an edge when they came into their meetings. They came to Ushur looking for more interactive and engaging mobile campaigns to get them noticed. Challenges Company sales reps were traveling to…

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claims processing

Claims Processing

Making Claims Painless with Ushur Our enterprise customer, like many Insurance companies, was suffering from slow and inefficient claims processing. They came to Ushur looking for a way to reduce the costly back and forth of processing a claim, into simple, automated engagements. Challenges This insurance company was dealing with nearly 100,000 open claims monthly.…

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customer support

Customer Support

Automating Customer Engagement for Accelerated Workflows This company came to Ushur looking for automation solutions for their customer engagement. Challenges The customer service department of this company receives about 25,000 customer support tickets monthly, with customers often looking to resolve very simple issues like registration, being locked out of their account, and scheduling or rescheduling…

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ushur triage emails

Triage Emails

Triage Emails – No human touch needed Our enterprise customers have large numbers of emails coming in to their service centers, deploying human specialists to simply get emails where they need to go. They needed a way to streamline this process and make sure their specialists are as efficient as possible. Problem: This insurance company…

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