Customer Spotlight: Steve Rullo, Great-West Life Co. Inc

Hi, I'm Steve Rullo, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer for Great-West Life Co. We're a financial services holding company with products and brands in Canada, Europe, and the US across life, health, group annuity, retirement, and wealth management services.

Like a large part of the industry, we have an opportunity to really transform how we deliver services in our products to our customers. We have an opportunity to really up our game on the digital experience and that experience needs to address, not only the customer expectation, but the broader network of our advisors and third-party partners. And so in order to do that in an ecosystem that has a lot of need for modernization, you've got to partner with companies like Ushur to bring forward technologies and capabilities that accelerate beyond what we can do within our own.

Some things that we've been able to leverage the platform for is [not only] improving those customer experiences that go beyond just the mobile app for the website, but other channels such as text and even email. We developed the SmartMail app with Ushur that allows us to immediately respond to a customer email with the intelligence of requesting additional information if we know it's missing certain things like a like a policy ID or a customer ID and that's been very very effective at ensuring that we cut down our cycle time, which ultimately is most important in that customer experience. It's that cycle time and ease of doing business.

Another application we've built with Ushur centers around the data that we receive from our customers and being able to take that in seamlessly and integrate it into our systems in whatever form, whatever completeness and accuracy that a customer has available. And we call that the Invisible App™ because it sits there and allows us to take, based on the customer's information, fees, the information that we need, and process that in a seamless way and so we're going to continue to explore use cases that really allow us to enhance not just those opportunities with the customers that sit on the application put all of our touch points across multi-channel.

We think that's an important aspect of improving the overall customer experience. Again, it's speed, it's ease-of-use, and we think tools like artificial intelligence that are provided through platforms like Ushur are a big opportunity for us to do that while we focus on our core administrative system.

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