Customer Spotlight: Jennifer Daniels, Aflac

So we came into Ushur through our venture capital area and they were doing a Shark Tank-like experience. Our VC group came to the different business units and said, "Hey, what are some of the problems that you're trying to solve for?" So we came with a sales kind of mindset to that.

You know, one of our biggest challenges-which isn't a huge challenge when you look at it from a technical perspective-but it's communication. And it's getting the data and the information in the hands of our sales team when they need it. Our sales team is out in front of a broker. If the broker asks a question they don't know the answer to, instead of having to pull up a laptop and dig it out, we want them to have a quick solution. We presented that to Ushur, as well as several other problems, but that's the one that we chose to focus on and it's been a really big success. Our sales team loves having that access and just looking smart in front of their broker. Having those answers really very, very readily available.

One of my favorite things about working with Ushur -just how quickly it went.

You know, we work for an insurance company and insurance companies are always known for being quick and fast-especially with solving for new problems. We presented this to Ushur and within six months a solution was out being utilized. We were tracking metrics, seeing if it was working. So the speed to market, to our market, with our sales reps, the nimbleness of the tool, is amazing.

We work with Amir and he's fabulous! I mean, I would call him up and say, "Hey, could you maybe do this?" In an hour he's like, "Yeah here you go. It's done." It was just so refreshing and I think that's the benefit of working with a smaller company, a technology company, who that's what they focus on. Ushur focuses on technology and you know we can bring our problems to the table and you were able to just step right in like, "Yeah, we can do that." I haven't heard "no" yet, which is impressive.

In addition to saying, you know, we needed to communicate better, we had no idea what the questions were that were coming in. What do brokers want to know most about? What should we be training our sales team on? What are the topics they need more data on? The tool not only allowed us to put that information in their hands, but it allowed us to look at the analytics, to say, "we need to give our team more training on these four topics" and "brokers really want to hear more about this". It allowed us to change our marketing tactics and our training tactics all through this tool that we thought was just going to be kind of a communication vehicle. It's actually offered us a lot more.

So there were some early adopters who were, day one, they loved it. They worked through it. There were some late adopters who had to hear about it from other people first. Now it's just they use it, it's in there, it's right there in front of them. Now with COVID they haven't been as broker-facing, so I'm actually really looking forward to 2022 when they're out in the market more to see the analytics and the data, you know, even increase.

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