Customer Spotlight: Marco Forato, Unum

So I'm Marco Forato. I'm the Chief Strategy Officer for Unum, a good partner with Ushur and I just want to talk a little bit about our relationship with Ushur and also how we deal with other startups.

Move forward, the last four years or so, we continue to try to find companies that have an offering, a platform, or something we can bring into the business and kind of stop that mindset of, "We got to build everything," and let the experts come help us on different things. That's how the relationship started with Ushur.

We started small on a proof of concept and now we have them in many places working with us across benefits across our call centers and all that. One of the things that is very important for us is when we deal, when we interact, with startups, and AI machine learning technology in general, there are two things we're looking into: one is, can it make us more efficient in the way we operate, but also how does that impact the customer experience and how can we make that experience with our products the best it can be. By helping the clients when they need us where they need us, just being able to quickly solve problems, kind of avoid the human interaction that takes longer. I strongly believe that we should use technology to enhance that human interaction instead of replace the human interaction. But there are times where the human is not needed. There are times we bring the human after the technology or the technology can help with that interaction but it's all about the customer experience and reducing our expenses. The way we operate, just being more lean and all that, so it's been, it's been great. It's my first year at MITC. Really, really enjoyed being here and the connections I've made. It's good to see the Ushur folks over here.

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