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Customer Spotlight: John Myers & Jennifer Daniels, Aflac

We hadn't heard of Ushur before we did our “Shark Tank” experience. So having you come to the table and present there, and really what we needed you to do wasn't a core competency. And so being able to watch you say, “Yes. Absolutely. That's something we can do.” You interviewed us, you talked to us about what our needs were, and then you built it and delivered it so quickly. Having the knowledge of, “Wow! Ushur can really listen, adapt, and solve,” I think has opened our eyes to what else we can use Ushur for. What other problems, what other manual processes, can we convert and really lead us to being easy to do business with, which is a huge part of where we're going next year.

So there's the model component of it right: we were your client and you showed us immediately that you are easy to do business with. That is something we have to find a way to replicate with our clients. Ease of doing business means a lot of things to a lot of people and I think where we can go together. You know Jen and I came to this with a lens of distribution or sales or growth. And yet, so many of the inherent problems we face are buried in other parts of our company that we don't necessarily control. But our ability to partner with Ushur, show an easy, efficient, effective model to deliver a solution, allows us then to replicate that, I think, hopefully, in other parts of the organization. So that the partnership is not just with our sales team, but it's with the organization as a whole.

It's been fun creating a joint vision with Ushur. We're working through, “Where do we want to be? What do we want to do?” and you're saying, “Well, here we can help.” And it might be a little thing or it might be a big thing. I think that's fun and that's a fun partnership, and again, the energy that you bring to the table and our ability to kind of lay things out there and be transparent, and your ability to come in with possible solutions has been fantastic.

I'll just add in: doing it with people you enjoy spending time with is even more beneficial.

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