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Customer Spotlight: John Myers, Aflac

Our organization is responsible for the strategies and the relationships and the experiences of our premier partners and their clients. Our premier partners are our top broker and consulting companies and our top technology platform companies. To service them the way we need to in the future, we have to look at things differently. While I truly believe that we can be strategic in our thinking, our ability to be innovative in our solutions requires partners like Ushur. The partnership with Ushur started with the foundation of trust–as I think all good partnerships should–but it really developed into what I said earlier today: a partnership of energy.

It's energy in terms of just the relationship and the human aspect of it, but it's also energy in terms of being able to ideate together. To think not just about basic problems but how they may apply to bigger strategic issues within our company. And, it's a back and forth that's another beautiful part of our partnership. It's listening and learning and growing together to solve problems as we have in the past and I know we'll continue to do in the future.

We were introduced through a process that was virtual. We developed our initial solutions through a process that was virtual. Yet, throughout that time I think our entire team felt the sincerity of Ushur. I would say the energy of you and being together in person has only multiplied that. It is true energy. It is true passion. Maybe it’s too strong a word, but there is a feeling of mutual growth and respect that is energizing not just people here but the people that surround us on our teams.

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