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Customer Spotlight: Tower Insurance

This is the first time we're using this tool and I was even just like, “Okay I'm not ready yet. I haven't seen it.” But then to unleash business users hands-on with this stuff, and it works, so we could have started that even earlier.

Ushur would show us, and then we would do it with Ushur, and then we'd do it ourselves, so that was my automation team. Then we rolled out that same model to our business users so that watch us, we do it with them, they do it themselves–that kind of thing.

The world is changing quite dramatically around the way that we want to engage with our customers. IT always has the challenge of another tool, but I think the like of Ushur, shows sort of a differentiating way to engage with our customers–and fast. So the ability to just connect at that senior level just to work out where it is and really from there it was getting the business and the technology teams to sit down and actually work out what are the opportunities that we think we've got. How do we prioritize those because we had nothing to lose and certainly everything to gain. It was a case of, “Let's just go and see where this thing takes us.” Obviously, the engagement we've had with Ushur has been fantastic.

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