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Triage Emails

Triage Emails - No human touch needed

Our enterprise customers have large numbers of emails coming in to their service centers, deploying human specialists to simply get emails where they need to go. They needed a way to streamline this process and make sure their specialists are as efficient as possible.


This insurance company was dealing with thousands of emails in their inboxes. Their customers were looking for answers or solutions to many different issues and the company was deploying human capital in order to route the emails to the correct departments. This was a classic example of an inefficient workflow, with unnecessary manual work.


Faster response times


By extracting metadata from unstructured text, Ushur is able to use it’s artificial intelligence engine to create structured data and take the necessary actions based on key pieces of information the customer puts forth in the email. Then, Ushur routes to the correct department or even takes action when applicable to resolve the issue. Because of Ushur’s extensive integrations into your systems of record, everything is fed to its correct location.


After implementation, the insurance company is enjoying freedom from the low-level, repetitive tasks of email triaging, and their customers are enjoying significantly faster response times to their issues. Accelerating workflows is truly a win-win for both our insurance customers and their customers as well.



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