sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Sales with a Wow Factor

The sales department in this Insurance company was lacking a competitive advantage when it came to sales presentations, needing an edge when they came into their meetings. They came to Ushur looking for more interactive and engaging mobile campaigns to get them noticed.


Company sales reps were traveling to different prospects with a typical powerpoint to present their products, but wanted to differentiate themselves and make these meetings more interactive, especially for large prospects with thousands of employees. They were getting to final meeting, but as a finalist, they wanted to show their prospects something that would make them stand out from the rest of their competitors.

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Ushur, using its simple drag and drop conversation builder, created an interactive text campaign for the company to showcase with their prospect at their meeting. The campaign was able to display video in a unique way to capture the attention of their prospects. The prospect could also interact with the bots Ushur created and learn more about the Insurance company and their offering. This company reached out to Ushur on Friday and was ready for their prospective client meeting by Monday morning.


The insurance company has reported a 99% positive rating from clients and brokers, with most saying the Ushur text campaigns were the deciding factor in choosing their company. Clients are so happy to have another solution besides email. And the numbers don't lie. Since implementing text campaigns their closing rate on these meetings has increased by 31%. All of this taking less than 24 hours to deploy. The company deploys all over the country and they say every client requests the technology.



Increase in Closing Rates


Positive Rating of Ushur Among Customers