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Customer Support

Automating Customer Engagement for Accelerated Workflows

This company came to Ushur looking for automation solutions for their customer engagement.


The customer service department of this company receives about 25,000 customer support tickets monthly, with customers often looking to resolve very simple issues like registration, being locked out of their account, and scheduling or rescheduling appointments. Not only was there this influx of customer issues, but there was up to 500,000 customer calls coming in as well. The company was at a breaking point, either grow their department or find a solution to make their agents more efficient.


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Ushur was able to help alleviate the manual workloads for the customer service department with incident deflection powered by AI. Using the enterprise data from past issue handling, Ushur’s platform is able to automatically take customers through workflows, so agents can focus on high level tasks.


By turning their manual workflows into automated customer engagements, Ushur was able to reduce incoming calls by 30% within two months of deployment. The customer service department is functioning much more efficiently, and customers are happier getting their issues resolved at a much faster rate.




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