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Cognitive FAQ

FAQs on Steroids

This company suffered from thousands of frequently asked questions a month coming into their teams inbox. Instead of answering repetitive questions and wasting time on low level tasks, they were looking to automate much of that workload so their HR personnel could focus on more strategic initiatives.


This company’s FAQ portal was largely keyword based and not effective. With a team of 30 HR personnel and tens of thousands of employees, their team was handling at least 3,000 incoming repetitive questions by email per month. They came to Ushur looking to reduce these questions by half so their HR department could be more effective and efficient.

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repetitive questions per month


Ushur was able to take their files and excel spreadsheets of FAQs, upload to our platform, and then convert their typical question and answer into what we call Cognitive FAQs. This allows customers to deploy perceptive, automated answers to employee questions. For example, the company has a bereavement policy. When a customer is looking to find information on this policy, they may not search for bereavement, would search uncle died, cognitively associating my uncle died to bereavement policy.


After implementing Ushur, the company compared their results to their new cognitive FAQs. All of the questions that had slammed their HR department like questions on payroll, company policies, vacation days, benefit questions, recruiting, jury duty, retirement benefits, education assistance, were cut down significantly. Their team was able to automate and streamline their low-level workflows in order to focus on more strategic and high-level strategy.




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