claims processing

Claims Processing

Making Claims Painless with Ushur

Our enterprise customer, like many Insurance companies, was suffering from slow and inefficient claims processing. They came to Ushur looking for a way to reduce the costly back and forth of processing a claim, into simple, automated engagements.


This insurance company was dealing with nearly 100,000 open claims monthly. Each claimant was calling the call center just to find out if their claim was received. Every phone call the company was front ending was a cost of $17, and customers had to wait on hold for nearly 9 minutes, a considerable amount of time to invest just to find answers to a simple questions like “I faxed my claim form; did you get it?”


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By using Ushur builder tools, plus its standard APIs, the company was able to transform their decades old CRM system to deliver self-service for its mobile customers. The company was able to create the workflow within a few minutes  without having to invest millions in developing a solution in-house. Ushur also provided an additional safety net by providing compliance to regulatory requirements in multiple countries.


After deploying Ushur the insurance company has been able to demonstrate 90% response rates from customers for Ushur based interactions, greatly elevating its NPS scores. The goal for the project was to demonstrate at least a 10% reduction in claimant outreach to the service center. Early results are showing promising results of greater than 30% reduction in call volume. Saving the company significant time and resources.



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