Streamlining payments for
effective billing

This company was facing risky and ineffective bill processing with outdated systems. With Ushur, they were able to transform their billing into automated and proactive processes.


For this company, when payment didn’t come in, they'd mail a letter, snail mail, and that process could take weeks. During that time their customer could have dropped their coverage, or their situation may have changed, and the risk pool got dirtier and dirtier.  Both parties didn't have an easy way to communicate with each other, and it was not only creating coverage issues, but causing unnecessary costs.

billing processes.


With Ushur's customer engagement automation system, the company set up an automatic alert to their customers the day payment was due, and reminders in the days  before and after, allowing the insurance company to ask if anything was wrong, if they needed to change their address or billing information, and keeping communication lines open. And the company was able to set this all up themselves, no coding, or web development experience necessary.


Since deploying Ushur, the insurance company has been able to greatly "reduce the mystery factor" with customers and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. With a 98% open rate for text messages, the insurance company reports that they have seen increased transparency since using text message automation and have increased the effectiveness of their billing processes ten-fold.




Open Rates
for Automated Payment Messages