agent assistance

Agent Assistance

Augmenting Insurance agents to accelerate productivity

Insurance companies face significant back and forth between customers and agents to complete workflows. Not only is this extremely expensive for companies, but this also becomes extremely frustrating for the agents and customers alike.


Insurance specialists were making voice calls to customers to procure certain key dates from customers and answering emails from customers acknowledging receipt of forms. This company came to Ushur hoping to accelerate these workflows.


Ushur helped this company create a portal so agents can push a button and instantly drive an Ushur workflow to interact with customers to request dates, to acknowledge fax received, collect information, etc. Specialists can now automate repetitive workflows like these and make their teams more efficient.


Agent assistance makes agents at this company more productive, able to handle more customers and with less frustration. On the customer side, users are happy to be able to get their answers and issues handled quickly and efficiently.




reduction in call volume regarding claim status

claim cycle time.