Automate your underwriting process.


Use Ushur's AI-powered smart bots to automate underwriting work and conversations.

The Problem

Underwriting usually requires large amounts of human capital to sift through, collate and assess information from a large amount of documents in multiple sources and formats in order to make decisions. The process is slow and costly, with many companies even outsourcing the work. This can lead to workflow disruption, and unnecessary expenses.

The Solution

Ushur's automated underwriting uses AI-powered smart bots to ingest unstructured documents and extract key pieces of data. Then, backend underwriting systems are automatically populated. Ushur decision assist learns from your historical data and underwriting guides, in order to provide recommendations for approval or rejection of an application.


To Process


Return on investment


less time on knockouts

Use Case Video

Automate the Underwriting Process

Ushur automates the underwriting process by ingesting application forms via email and automatically populating your backend systems with relevant data.

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