About Us

Hello, we are team Ushur and we make companies efficient productive friendly easy to reach likeable .

At Ushur, we are making digital transformation accessible for every organization through automation, using best in class technology like AI and Machine Learning. Our customers are enjoying automated customer engagement, with the highest conversion rates and lower costs so that they can focus on what they do best.

Our team members are experts in ontology, machine learning, telco, , mobile technologies, massively scalable web infrastructure and most importantly – customer experience. Our maniacal focus on delivering breakthrough experiences is what keeps us ticking.

We have built the most comprehensive automation platform to deliver what we call micro-engagements. Micro-engagements are short snippets of information that we are now more adept at consuming, rather than long forms of engagements. Our thesis is based on fundamental changes in user behavior towards longer forms of engagements and perennial human nature to optimize and automate everything. We have built the most complete automation platform for mobile customer engagement, one that works for every mobile device, does not expect users to download an app or login to a portal. Curious?

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