It’s a very typical scenario: The Service Desk has processed a Customer Request believing the issue has been fixed, closing the ticket and sending a completion notification to the end user. In the meantime, from the customer’s perspective, the problem has not been fixed at all. Now the client is frustrated not only by the original issue but by the bad service experience. One of every two customers will switch providers, every year, just because of something like this!

The client will probably try with a phone call because their issue is now urgent and they are feeling understandably disgruntled. This sequence plays out every day, all over the world, costing organizations millions of dollars in repeated calls.

ServiceBots Technology, integrated with existing ERP and CRM systems, can eliminate Service Desk friction points to de-stress the pain of repeat calls for everyone concerned.

When the Service Desk has finished working on an issue and is on the verge of closing a ticket, an automated message can be configured to send a Resolution Confirmation via instant messaging to the end-user to confirm if the issue is actually fixed.

If the end-user is happy, they can confirm that the matter is resolved, and the ticket is closed with finality. If there are still some open issues, the end-user can first communicate that the problem has not been solved, and then if desired, can add a note saying what is still wrong.

Since two of every three individuals prefer the mobile web for their daily interactions and communications, efficient customer support operations should happen through mobile devices. Ideally, without the need to download a new app which would create too much friction in the process.

Besides the convenience of an automated mobile-based process, modern technology additionally allows all of the responses and notes to be logged into existing CRM and ERP systems for easy reference, audit and compliance purposes.